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Reduction of social contacts

Deprivation means lack of something necessary, when it is not possible to person to satisfy this or that important need.

"Mental starvation"(Психічне голодування).


1. social л: Limitation of contacts;

2. sensory [ 'Sen (t) s (?) r?] deprivation: reduction of inflow of irritants [ '?r?t (?) nts] (Надходження подразників) - e.g. sights and sounds;

3. role deprivation:impossibility carry out social roles (of a husband, father etc);

4. sexual deprivation: Lack of female society;

5. information deprivation:shortage of information.

The influence of these factors depends on:

1. type of vessels

2. number of crew members

3. voyage duration

4. geographical length of the voyage

5. frequency of social contacts

Undivided household and working spheres of life activity(Нероздільність побутовій та виробничій сфер життєдіяльності) increases "density" of communicative contacts, mixture of business and personal, formal and informal spheres of interaction.

The narrowness of interpersonal contacts with the same persons makes communication forced (примусовий). A private life of each person on board procceds before all crew members 'eyes, "publicity" of feelings, inevitability of violation of privacy, invasion into "territorial waters" of each other makes the person look for means of psychological defence (Психологічний захист). Theway out(вихід з ситуації):self-isolation, signs ofautism * ([ '??t?z (?) m] - "відхід у себе")

* Autism is a mental condition (псіхіч. Стан) characterized by difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people.

Contradiction ( протиріччя):

· on the one hand, On board the ship a person suffers from deficiency of communication, and

· on the other hand, He seeks for restriction of the mo'notonous, forced contacts (одноообразние, вимушені контакти).

Risk factor

Extra risk& responsibility for the ship's safety even more strengthens crew members ' state of tension and uneasiness(Стан напруженості і тривожності).

Psychological compatibility ([K?m?p?t?'b?l?t?] сумісність) at Sea

Selectivity (вибірковість) is the quality of carefully choosing someone as the best or most suitable.Selectivity of interpersonal relations increases in the crew.

"Psychological compatibility" in the crew is not identical to the conceptof"Emotional proximity"(Емоційна близькість) of crewmembers

The hierarchy ([ 'Ha??r??k?] - ієрархія) of personality traits (Особистісні якості людини) for compatibility and ability to work effectively here has its own specifics. To choose a partner for personal contact, a crew member shows special sensitivity to such personal qualities which can break the guaranteed security of his own "Ego"( [ 'I?g?u] - его, «я»).

Qualities causing irritation and increases tension:

importunity (настирливість, нав'язливість), open-heartedness(Відкритість почуттів), or excessive 'authori'tativeness (Надмірна авторитарність)

Qualities are welcomed in the partner:

conservatism, self-possession(Самовладання), restraint (Стриманість), endurance ([In'dj? (?) r?ns] стійкість, здатність терпіти), uncompromising stand (Безкомпромісність).

As it turns out compatible partners in a crew are not sensitively emotional people; uneasiness (тривожність) and dependence are not typical to them.

'' If a person does not want to be isolated from communication, he needs to reconsider the developed stereotypes of behavior, to choose the style of relationship corresponding to the established "rules of the game".

Communication which does not concern deep valuable structures of the personality necessary for switching to life ashore allows to keep the main working dominant(Спілкування, яке не впливає на глибинних ціннісних структур особистості, необхідних для перемикання до життя на березі, дозволяє зберегти головну робочу домінанту).

Group isolation conditions do not affect all people equally. It depends on:

n age of the person;

n length of service on vessels;

n education;

n position on board;

n psychological status, etc.

People with a long record of service on sea-going vessels are characterised by narrowness and specialization of aspirations ([??sp?'re?? (?) n] Прагнення) and interests, calmness, phlegm ([flem] - флегматичність, холоднокровність), jealous attitude (['d?el?s] Ревне ставлення) to their psychological status, a peculiar emotional conservatism.

Extroverts and people with traits of neurotism bear hard long isolation, than introverts, but the latter bring in a minor tone (['ma?n?] Мінорний тон) in communication, 'pessimism affecting thegeneral activity(Загальна активність) of group.

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